We're turning the way the world accesses knowledge

on its head.

From stone to papyrus to paper to screen, people have always authored documents.

We believe it has less to do with the medium and more to do with the animal: humans are narrative creatures. They describe from A to Z. They organize from top to bottom.

The way humans access knowledge, however, isn't narrative, it's selective. We want only what we need, selected from our ocean of documents.

Today's search engines, as well as new techniques like content analysis and text mining, are getting better at finding the needles in the document haystacks and extracting what they think we're looking for. But these technologies are getting ever more intricate and expensive. Metadata and taxonomy efforts are reaching the complexity of rocket science. These systems are not for everyone. The cost of training, operating, and managing them makes them applicable only for the most mission-critical business processes. And now they're adding AI on top! To us it's clear: this 1990s way of accessing knowledge is reaching its limit.

To embrace the future, you sometimes need to break with the past.

We believe accessing knowledge should be as easy as authoring it. That's why we decided to build as system that bridges the gap between documents and the way we view knowledge in our minds—as atoms of information related to other atoms. Atoms we select, combine, and correlate in an instant.

It's the foundation of a new form of powerful knowledge access that not only eliminates the complexity of today's systems, but also prepares businesses for the age when systems and personal assistants like Siri and Cortana need to access knowledge the same way people access it in their brains—the age when users and systems get the complete knowledge needed to get the job done. Answers.

Last but not least, we believe accessing knowledge should be as inexpensive and intuitive as accessing a thought. That's Theum.

Theum is the industry’s foremost technology for delivering ready-to-use knowledge to humans, applications, systems, and machines.

Join us, and experience the future.

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