About the Merger of Coextant Systems with Theum Corporation

Theum Corporation (Theum AG) has completed its merger with Coextant Systems GmbH of Stuttgart Germany. The resulting legal business entity is Theum AG. Official notification has been submitted to the Stuttgart Commercial Register and will be published during the second half of August 2017. As a result of the merger, all of Coextant Systems’ business relationships and contracts are officially transferred to Theum Corporate without change.

How does the merger affect the conditions or terms of service of my Coextant contracts?

It doesn't. All contact persons, telephone numbers, addresses, contracts, etc., remain in force without change. There are no modifications to the list of executives and directors of the business. All email addresses ending in will continue to function. We do, however, advise you to change these to as soon as possible for all future correspondence.

Change of banking information

Our banking information has not changed. The account owner on all of our accounts will, however, as of 1 September 2017, be Theum AG. Please update your records as soon as possible to ensure that all amounts payable after this date are remitted to Theum AG instead of Coextant Systems GmbH. A reminder to this effect will appear on our August and September invoices.

What is the reason for the merger?

The main driver has been the rapidly changing market and the increasing interest in intelligent technologies and transformative processes. During the last three years we have invested heavily in extending our product Hyper.Net to develop Theum, a highly advanced, highly scalable, and yet very easy to use knowledge delivery and discovery technology designed to revolutionized the way business users access knowledge—and to make knowledge usable in systems. Its primary goal is to enable businesses to escape the limits caused by accessing knowledge via documents while not having to sacrifice the comfort of authoring and maintaining knowledge in documents. Theum is available for on-premises use and in the cloud. The feedback from customers to date—despite competition from larger players—has been resoundingly positive. Theum's disruptive approach continnues to convince. Hyper.Net technology, the product of more than 20 years of development and document management expertise, remains key to the success of Theum as we move forward. To streamline our marketing processes, we have merged both companies under the short name Theum and have branded the company and product similarly.

How does this impact the future of Hyper.Net?

Where Theum is the solution for advanced knowledge delivery, knowledge discovery, cognitive search, machine learning, and AI, Hyper.Net is the solution for enterprise document transformation, including website publishing, email transformation, records management, archiving, PDF report generation, etc. Both products share the same core for transformation, atomization, normalization, and the creation of digital books. Both products will continue to be developed and supported, and each will benefit from the other as relevant enhancements and new features are added to the other.

Both products can of course be used in parallel and to supplement each other. Should your business requirements be pointing you in the direction of Theum, technology to help with a painless migration to Theum is available. Both products will eventually be branded separately under the umbrella name Theum.

What impact will this merger have on my business process or organization?

Driven by initiatives like and increasing acceptance of Industry 4.0, Government 4.0, virtual experts, natural language interfaces, personal assistants like Google Assistant, Siri, Alexa, and Cortana, self-service knowledge kiosks, support-365, and artificial intelligence, the IT market will undergo a dramatic changen in the next three years. Businesses who fail to embrace a new way of managing knowledge will experience a level of competition that represents an existential threat. Hyper.Net and Theum (which creates an atomic knowledge model for knowledge-oriented rather than document-oriented access to know-how), represent compelling technologies for delivering knowledge wherever it’s needed—whether human or machine—with complete, ready-to-use answers for the given context from an exploding repository of knowledge. The merger gives us the ability to offer superior solutions for the new challenges of the digital age that enable levels of business agility not achievable with technologies that deliver documents and leave the rest to the end-user. Naturally we will continue to provide quality consulting services that have convinced long-term customers for over a decade.

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