The revolutionary new way to share and access business knowledge

Theum is unbelievably easy.

Theum makes it easy for anyone to turn any set of documents into a smart Q&A system that responds to any given user question. There's no complexity to learn and no development is required—ensuring your business can start working faster and with greater accuracy from day one. Here's how it works:

Drawing showing theum and files being selected from different places.

Setup a new Knowledge Base (KB)

Let's say you'd like to create a KB to provide knowledge about and answer questions about bookkeeping procedures, final reporting procedures, annual report creation, etc.

Simply use the command createkb to setup the KB “Finance and Controlling.”

Drawing showing theum and files being selected from different places.

Organize with libraries

Using Theum Contributor, divide the KB into libraries. These provide an easy way to "categorize" the knowledge you'll contribute to the KB. In this case we wish to separate everything into two libraries: Reporting and Procedures.

Creating a library is as easy as entering a name and clicking on Save.

Drawing showing theum and files being selected from different places.

Contribute documents

Now select any number of Microsoft Office, PDF, and other documents that belong together (regardless of where they are managed) and organize them into Theum books. Create an intuitive table of contents for each book using drag-and-drop. Select the library where each book should be published and click Contribute.

There’s no need to reformat documents, use specialized authoring tools, start a complex metadata effort, manage intricate taxonomies, or change the way you do things.

Achieve instant-access knowledge

Theum extracts and "atomizes" the paragraphs, lists, tables, and images in your documents and assembles these atoms into a highly specialized knowledge matrix. Every atom in the matrix is additionally "normalized" into a standard format, making it easy to process and consistently format.

Advanced context analysis algorithms then analyze the knowledge and build additional inter-atom relationships. The resulting intelligent matrix makes it possible to query, navigate, dynamically assemble, and present knowledge in ways document-oriented systems cannot.

Theum builds your KB in the background as you contribute and modify documents: no complex details, document migration, or cutting/pasting is required. Your documents stay where they are, unchanged.

Drawing showing theum and files being selected from different places.

Deliver optimized digital books

Theum eliminates the hassle of searching, launching, and scrolling through source documents and PDFs by delivering their atomized knowledge as standard web content. Users enjoy an intuitive, ultra-modern, visually appealing experience that's optimized for use on every device.

Users hit the ground running from the minute they open any Theum KB.

Drawing showing theum and files being selected from different places.

Get answers

Theum's one-of-a-kind, AI-driven Thematic Query selects the knowledge atoms relevant to a given query from one or more KBs, dynamically analyzes and organizes them by context, and guides the user to the exact knowledge needed to get the job done. The results are then assembled into an understandable answer and presented on a single page. Users get a complete answer to any question with a click.

Theum enables users to act with an increased level of expertise, improving speed, accuracy, and on-boarding time.

Build a powerful source of knowledge, one Theum KB at a time

Because every Theum KB knows about the others, users can query across them transparently and in parallel as new ones come online—without having to know where to look. There's no better way to ensure the left hand knows what the right hand is doing.

Whether you need to deliver a small set of mission-critical documents or act on a more comprehensive knowledge management mandate, Theum is the fast, powerful, and modern way to get the job done.

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