Become a Part of Something New and Exciting

Theum is the industry’s foremost technology for delivering ready-to-use knowledge to humans, applications, systems, and machines.

Think of it as the Star Trek computer for business process knowledge. Building cutting-edge, never-been-done-before software, however, is a challenge. When obstacles appear, creative minds are a must. To keep our staff sharp, we offer:

  • A relaxed, task-oriented team environment free from corporate politics and micro-management
  • Regular brainstorming sessions where your input helps steer the way
  • A modern atmosphere where your opinions and experience count
  • Flexible work hours

Check out our open positions:

  • Senior Full-Stack Developer

    Senior Full-Stack Developer

    Your Mandate

    Develop and enhance Theum's core atomic knowledge services to meet evolving product requirements.

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  • AI ML CL Engineer

    AI, Machine Learning, and Computational Linguistics Engineer

    Your Mandate

    Be responsible for researching, designing, and prototyping new AI, machine learning, and linguistic capabilities to enhance Theum's accuracy and brevity.

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  • Quality Assurance Manager

    Quality Assurance Manager

    Your Mandate

    Test every feature and component of Theum to ensure a flawless user experience, document bugs for the development team, and keep product documentation up-to-date.

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  • Senior System Administrator / System Architect

    Senior System Administrator / System Architect

    Your Mandate

    Forget the day-in-day-out boredom of repetitive admin tasks: let your system admin know-how take you to new places and new challenges!

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