Industry Analysis Reports


About the company

PROJECT CONSULT is a leading European industry analyst and management consultancy with a proven track record in helping German companies forge successful IT strategies with respect to Enterprise Information Management and Content Management technologies and approaches.

The business challenge

The PROJECT CONSULT Newsletter (PCN) provides customers with regular updates about technology changes, developments, and products in the Enterprise Information Management and Content Management markets. With between six and eighteen extended-length analysis reports published per year since 1999, the PCN effort now provides a seventeen-year record of where the information management industry has been and where it is going. Much of the analysis provided by the newsletters, which are published in PDF format, is still valid today. The body of work therefore represents an extremely valuable 'database' of knowledge. Extracting desired knowledge from this ocean of PDF files, however, is a next to impossible challenge—even for customers who were diligent enough to have saved every received newsletter in a single location since 1999.

PROJECT CONSULT recognized the value of create an online library of its entire "collected works" and wanted to be able to deliver this value information source to its customers. It wasn't long before the company realized, however, that the amount of effort required ton create and maintain such a solution using traditional approaches was unsustainable and not worth the financial investment.

About the live example

The Theum team helped PROJECT CONSULT quickly create the searchable online library it desired. The effort consisted of selecting the original Project Consult newsletters for each year and delivering each year as a Theum book. All books are published into a centralized Theum knowledge base, enabling customers to get a quick overview of everything that's available, navigate to the desired year, and query all newsletters across all years for any desired concept. The effort required to maintain and contribute to the newsletter library has been reduced to zero, allowing PROJECT CONSULT to provide its customers with an extraordinary value at no cost.

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