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Theum moves to Azure

Intelligent access to documented knowledge now also in the Microsoft cloud

Stuttgart, Deutschland — 19. Mai 2020 — Theum AG ( today announced the availability of Theum for the Microsoft Cloud Platform Azure. Customers who already use Azure and manage documents with Office 365 and SharePoint Online are now able to provide users with the exact knowledge needed for the task at hand from all of these sources with a click—assembled from every relevant document, organized by context onto a single page, and ready to use on any device and in any application without having to launch a single document. Integration with MS Teams can also be easily achieved if required.

With the ability to run Theum on Azure, small and large companies can now take advantage of the software's capabilities in the cloud for efficient, accurate, answer-oriented knowledge access. Theum® is modern AI-based software technology that extracts everything important for every search from tens of thousands of documents in a matter of seconds and neatly assembles it into an immediately usable knowledge abstract. Instead of delivering long document lists like search engines, Theum provides complete answers.

Theum can be installed immediately in any private Azure instance or, if desired, in a private hosted Azure instance maintained by Theum AG. It can then process documents managed in Office 365, SharePoint Online, OneDrive, and other cloud systems to create process-specific knowledge bases. With just a few clicks, these can also be integrated into MS Teams, providing each work group with quick answers to team-specific questions.

Docker/Kubernetes extensions will be available later this year and a SaaS version is planned for 2021.

"Theum helps companies fundamentally and sustainably accelerate their knowledge processes. Theum is like a smart chatbot for documents, which compiles all relevant information for each question in no time. With Theum, companies can accelerate knowledge-based processes and thus react faster to requirements", says Richard Reed, CEO of Theum AG.

Theum is the industry’s foremost technology for delivering ready-to-use knowledge to humans, applications, systems, and machines. It is used by both large and small companies around the world to create virtual experts for policies and procedures, human resources manuals, regulatory guidelines, marketing and sales information, manufacturing specifications, financial reporting guidelines, research findings, internal reports, user guides, and many other needs.