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German National Retirement Insurance Agency deploys Theum to support country-wide processing of pension applications

Stuttgart, Deutschland — 21. April 2020 — The German National Retirement Insurance Agency with its 16 institutions is one of the largest retirement insurers worldwide with over 56 million insured and 21 million retirees. Its approximately 60,000 employees are challenged to process 1.6 million new pension applications every year, as well as orphan's pensions, millions of rehabilitation applications, and much more. At the same time, legal changes, such as the current planned minimum retirement after 35 years, regularly require considerable modifications to procedures and related documentation.

The regulatory knowledge clerks have to take into account while performing their tasks is recorded and updated in several tens of thousands of documents (which, aside from national laws, include institutional and state variations). In view of the complexity and volume of the tasks being performed, it is of utmost importance that the information required to perform a task is made available at any time, precisely and ad hoc, from this wealth of documents. For this reason, the project "Modernization of Integrated Working Procedures 4.0" was set up in 2018 with the aim of providing corresponding knowledge bases with Theum AG's AI technology.

The rollout of the solution began nationwide at all institutions at the beginning of 2020 and is now nearing completion. It is scheduled for production deployment over the coming months. Project manager Marc Stahr from the German National Retirement Insurance Agency in Wuerzburg said: "With Theum, we can provide our employees with the information they need from thousands of documents with just a few clicks, immediately usable for the task at hand. Theum enables us to significantly reduce the effort per process and also helps us to avoid errors and resulting follow-up costs. What we particularly appreciate about Theum is that access to procedural knowledge is really simplified."

Theum AG, based in the Stuttgart region, develops AI-supported software for intelligent and effective access to document-based knowledge. Theum learns from documents and delivers everything important for every query in seconds—precisely extracted and clearly organized into an immediately usable answer.

Theum is successfully used by companies and organizations worldwide for knowledge management involving guidelines, standards, procedures, documentation, user guides, project files, technical bulletins, studies, service information, risk management and more.