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New release: Theum R3.7 learns from documents and answers questions

Stuttgart, Germany — 11 May 2020 — Theum AG ( today announced the availability of Theum 3.7, the latest version of its product for delivering fast, answer-oriented access to knowledge within the enterprise. Theum® is groundbreaking, AI-based technology that accurately extracts everything important for every search from tens of thousands of documents in a matter of seconds and provides it neatly compiled in an immediately usable overview on every end device.

Marc Stahr, responsible for the nationwide introduction of Theum at the German National Retirement Insurance Agency, said: "With Theum we are able to provide our employees with the information they need from thousands of documents with just a few clicks, immediately usable for the task at hand. Theum enables us to significantly reduce the effort required per pension case and also helps us to avoid errors and the resulting follow-up costs. What we particularly appreciate about Theum is that access to procedural knowledge is really simplified."

Release 3.7 of Theum comes with a number of improved features and enhancements:

  • Improved, optimized interfaces for use in complex IT environments
  • Additional features and automation possibilities designed to support high document volume , including "smart import", OCR for scanned documents, calculation of link targets based on text patterns, etc.
  • New AI methods that guide users to desired results using dynamic context analysis
  • Multi-device knowledge mobility that delivers fast, uniform access to knowledge from all sources without having to launch or scroll through documents

"Theum helps users get exactly the knowledge they need from oceans of documents in just a few seconds with a click. This enables companies to react faster, accelerate knowledge-based processes, and reduce costs. It’s a perfect way for companies and organizations to respond to requirements created by today’s crisis-oriented challenges", says Paul Caspers, CEO of Theum AG.

Theum is the industry’s foremost technology for delivering ready-to-use knowledge to humans, applications, systems, and machines. It has been used by both large and small companies around the world to create virtual experts for policies and procedures, human resources manuals, regulatory guidelines, marketing and sales information, manufacturing specifications, financial reporting guidelines, research findings, internal reports, user guides, and many other needs.