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Theum Successfully Delivers Enterprise Knowledge with AI

Stuttgart, Germany — 15 June 2019 — Theum is successful in the market with its AI software for the delivery of corporate knowledge and has won Bertelsmann, the international media, services and education company, as a customer. Theum generates thematically linked knowledge networks from the contents of standard Office documents, enabling very easy, direct access to any required information in seconds.

Companies need clear rules to ensure consistent planning, execution and reporting, as well as compliance with legal and regulatory requirements. In particular, large corporations such as Bertelsmann rely on uniform rules for all subsidiaries at their various locations worldwide.

The provision of rules and regulations for the various corporate topics is often associated with manual and time-consuming processes, such as the creation, distribution and updating of PDF documents. What's more, access to the required knowledge is difficult and time-consuming due to numerous barriers: When users search for relevant information on upcoming topics, they receive hit lists with various documents that have to be downloaded individually, opened and laboriously searched further. Theum’s AI-enhanced approach offers a user-friendly and easily accessible solution that takes users right to the knowledge, without the hit lists.

Special advantages of Theum are the automated processing of documents, the modern display of content, precise, fine-grained navigation through all available guidelines, and cognitive search with context-oriented compilation of all relevant information from different sources. The solution can be used via browser from PC to Smartphone, and for paper enthusiasts, high-quality PDFs generated especially for printing are also available.

"We know Theum and look forward to continuing our cooperation," said Guido Asmuth, responsible for the introduction of Theum at Bertelsmann.