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Fast, Intelligent Knowledge Access for Documents Managed in SAP

Stuttgart/Ostfildern — 20 April 2022 — YAC, Znk's universal connector for synchronizing any on-prem or cloud-based DMS with all SAP document management implementations and with all SAP user interfaces (Fiori and others), also supports advanced, two-way synchronization with Microsoft SharePoint and SharePoint Online.

By combining YAC and Theum, businesses are able to transform the documents they manage in SAP into Theum knowledge bases that provide access to up-to-date knowledge delivered in pure web format. Users get fast access to the knowledge they need for any task, generated into a ready-to-use answer composed from all relevant passages in all documents.

In an era of radical change in which entire industries face the unprecedented challenge of transforming their processes to embrace a digital future, the ability to efficiently access and use corporate knowledge is critical to success. In a large enterprise this is an especially complex effort.

Theum is AI-driven software that responds to this challenge by transforming document-based knowledge into pure web content and preparing it for fast, content-sensitive access. Instead of delivering long document hit lists when users search, Theum provides a complete, immediately usable answer, dynamically composed from every relevant passage from every relevant document.

Theum's key functions are:

  • Automated transformation of document-based knowledge into intuitive web format
  • Access via standard browser without apps, viewers, or document launching
  • Powerful, automatically generated knowledge navigation
  • Ready-to-use, complete answers for every search query
  • Automatic update from source files as they are modified
  • Optimized experience for mobile devices
  • AI-based contextual guidance

Karim Benakli, Managing Director and Partner of ZnK said: "With its automated generation of comprehensive knowledge portals from existing documentation, and especially its user-friendly knowledge delivery approach and answer-oriented search, Theum goes beyond traditional, document-oriented search. It offers a fundamentally different way for SAP users to tap into existing knowledge and apply it more quickly."

Paul Caspers, CEO of Theum AG added: "Thanks to YAC, businesses managing documentation in SAP can now use Theum to accelerate their knowledge access processes without having to change their SAP-based document management process."

Theum is successfully used by companies and organizations worldwide to streamline access to policies, standards, procedures, documentation, guides, project files, technical bulletins, studies, service information, risk management, and more.

Theum AG, based in the Stuttgart region, develops standardized software for intelligent and effective access to documented corporate knowledge.

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