Snapshot content from any source, for any purpose

Hyper.Net SnapShot's robust document manipulation capabilities turn any PDF and PDFA delivery requirement into a straightforward configuration task.

Regulatory submission with SharePoint including watermarks, metadata stamping, and recurring submissions


Collect and merge documents required for submission processes. Stamp metadata, print watermarks, and schedule recurring submissions.

Archive SharePoint documents and folders with Hyper.Net


Snapshot and merge documents, document sets, email collections, and entire workflows as PDF or PDFA documents and route them to any archive.

Merge document sets for proposals, meetings, and security reports

Business processes

Compile and merge documents, document sets, and email into well-organized PDF documents. Perfect for meeting summaries, project briefings, proposal assembly, and security reports.

Regulatory submission, archiving, document assembly, and document compounding for SharePoint, web services, and other systems with Hyper.Net