Tradeshow Event Materials


About the company

PROJECT CONSULT is a leading European industry analyst and management consultancy with a proven track record in helping German companies forge successful IT strategies with respect to Enterprise Information Management and Content Management technologies and approaches.

The business challenge

PROJECT CONSULT hosts a number of annual events each year to help executives stay in tune with the most important information management market develops and trends in a concise format. Industry experts and key software providers from around Germany gather to present the latest and discuss their impact with participants.

In the past, PROJECT CONSULT had zipped the full set of source files and PDFs for multi-city events of this kind and posted the ZIP file on the PROJECT CONSULT website. In 2016, after the success Theum had brought to its newsletter archive effort, PROJECT CONSULT chose to deliver the materials for its Update Information Management (UIM) event series with Theum. Not only would this bring the information online with less effort than it would take to compose such a mailing, it would also make it quickly searchable.

About the live example

The effort required to create a book for the event's 2016 materials consisted of selecting the source documents, organizing them into an intuitive order, and deploying them as a Theum book. Of particular interest is the number of PowerPoint presentations and PDFs, typical for such events. Theum renders the slides of a presentation as a mini-slideshow within the book, and provides a slideshow toolbar to ease navigation or to view a list of thumbnails. The slideshow function works on all devices. The full context of each PDF is additionally queriable at the atomic level and takes users directly to the relevant page.

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