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Theum Now Available in the Microsoft Azure Cloud

Intelligent, answer-oriented access to documented knowledge in just a few clicks

Stuttgart, Deutschland — 1. Jul 2021 — Theum AG ( announced the availability of its AI-enhanced software Theum© for the automated deployment of and direct access to document-based knowledge on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform. Azure enables small and large enterprises to deploy and use Theum with just a few clicks. Turnkey deployment is available in organizations that manage their documents with Microsoft 365 and SharePoint Online or OneDrive. Integration with Microsoft Teams is also easy to accomplish.

In most companies, knowledge delivery still means giving employees access to mountains of documents. After a search engine has pre-selected a few hundred or thousand documents, they are left with the actual, tedious process of filtering out needed information. The process is messy, time-consuming, error-prone and expensive.

Theum is next-generation software that transforms document-based knowledge into pure web content and prepares it for fast, content-sensitive access. Instead of delivering long document hit lists when users search, Theum provides a complete, immediately usable answer, dynamically composed from every relevant passage from every relevant document.

Thanks to Azure, companies of all sizes can now use Theum to accelerate knowledge-based business processes with a few clicks and no IT complexity.

"Theum helps companies fundamentally and sustainably improve knowledge management processes. It acts like a smart chatbot for documents, compiling all relevant information on any question into a ready-to-use answer in an instant. With Theum, companies are able to accelerate business processes, improve quality and compliance, and react faster to new requirements," said Richard Reed, Executive VP at Theum AG. "Theum brings the search for knowledge in a chaos of documents to an end."

Theum is successfully used by companies and organizations worldwide to streamline access to policies, standards, procedures, documentation, guides, project files, technical bulletins, studies, service information, risk management, and more.

Theum AG, based in the Stuttgart region, develops standardized software for intelligent and effective access to documented corporate knowledge.