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Next-Generation Knowledge Technology Delivers Context-Relevant Answers Instead of Documents

Stuttgart, Germany — 13 October 2016 — Theum AG today announced the general availability of Theum 2.0, the next major release of its flagship product Theum, cognitive knowledge access software that delivers answers instead of documents.

Theum 2.0 takes managing, deploying, and accessing unstructured knowledge to the next step by enabling knowledge owners throughout the enterprise to contribute documents like policies and procedures, human resources manuals, safety regulations, marketing and sales information, financial reporting guidelines, reports, and more to a local Theum knowledge base with a few clicks. Document management systems and authoring tools remain unchanged, and no specialized training or authoring tools are required. This lack of complexity enables anyone to be a knowledge contributor.

Theum atomizes contributed documents into a thematic network of knowledge atoms and stores these in a designated knowledge base. Because all Theum knowledge bases know about each other, knowledge becomes accessible enterprise-wide without a centrally coordinated effort.

Users access this knowledge via Theum's Knowledge Navigator or by using Theum's answer-oriented Thematic Query function. A thematic query, which runs in parallel in all or in designated knowledge bases, dynamically assembles context-relevant knowledge atoms from all relevant sources into ready-to-use, big-picture "answers" containing the text, images, tables, and supporting information users need to get right to work. The need to scroll through pages of document search hits and scan through documents is eliminated.

New to Theum 2.0:

  • Open-source knowledge domains that run on any web server and are free from platform software and CALs
  • Thematic Query technology that dynamically generates complete, "big-picture" answers from relevant knowledge atoms
  • Architecture supporting a distributed, evolutionary knowledge engagement paradigm
  • Consistent user experience on every device, online and offline

"Theum is a game-changer because it goes beyond document-oriented thinking and gets right to the heart of a key enterprise requirement: knowledge," said Paul Caspers, Theum AG's CEO. "The ability to direct users to the answers they need in seconds without time-wasting searches enables businesses to take a major leap forward in productivity and efficiency. Management will find Theum to be an intuitive, non-complicated way to get information chaos under control, eliminate internal costs, break down the barriers between information silos, and ensure the workforce knows what the business knows."

Theum AG is committed to helping businesses of every size respond to the triple challenge of digital transformation, information management, and knowledge mobility with unique technology that lays the foundation for non-complicated, scalable, and sustainable knowledge management. Theum customers are able to begin increasing productivity, decreasing internal costs, and realizing the promise of knowledge management within a day—without "knowledge management rocket science." Theum AG is headquartered near Stuttgart, Germany, and is active in the EU, the US, and APAC.