For immediate release

Theum R3 Turns any Set Documents into an Intelligent, AI-Powered Virtual Expert

Stuttgart, Germany — 1 February 2018 — Theum AG today announced the general availability of Theum 3, the newest release of its flagship product Theum, next-generation technology for creating virtual experts from documents. The new release boasts not only powerful AI-based core enhancements that produce extremely intelligent, exact, context-sensitive answers, but also new connectors for DropBox, Box, OneDrive, wikis, websites, SharePoint, and SharePoint Online, enhanced knowledge extraction for PDF documents, and new support for observing knowledge validity timeframes.

Theum takes knowledge access into the future by enabling knowledge owners to submit related documents and web pages from varying sources into a virtual expert that focuses on a specific theme. The knowledge is extracted from the contributed documents, normalized into a standard HTML, and made available within the virtual expert as easy-to-use web content that works the same way on every device and requires no training. The slow process of accessing multiple document storage systems, launching, downloading, and browsing through documents, and piecing together required knowledge from multiple documents in multiple places is eliminated.

New core AI features then bring the power of neural networks and deep learning into the knowledge process by enabling users to access knowledge at the “answer” level. Users simply enter the usual query. Instead of receiving a list of document hits that require them to scroll through, launch, and read through documents to find what they need, they get the exact knowledge needed for the task at hand with a click—assembled from every relevant document, organized by context onto on a single page, and ready to use on any device.

On the strategic front, Theum addresses three key needs:

  • Instant Digitalization. Knowledge from multiple sources is digitalized and normalized into web format and stored in a virtual expert that serves as an easy-to-use, single point of access. Knowledge is accessible with a uniform experience on every device using a browser without having to install client-side apps or access the various systems where source documents are kept.
  • Ready-to-Use Knowledge. The effort associated with manually accessing the knowledge in documents is completely eliminated, enabling the business to deliver the required knowledge for any task on demand with a click, dramatically accelerating business process execution, improving accuracy, reducing compliance risk, and reducing onboarding time.
  • Knowledge-Oriented Paradigm. The business is equipped for the future by having knowledge in a selectable format that can be used uniformly by users, devices, applications, and systems as needed to quickly respond to evolving requirements.

"Theum’s game-changing paradigm can no longer be dismissed as a matter for future consideration. Not only users—but also evolving technologies like robotics and personal assistants like Siri, Google Assistant, and Alexa—require knowledge, not documents, to have be effective. Theum delivers that knowledge today for users, and helps businesses ensure that when tomorrow’s systems arrive, they’re prepared,” said Paul Caspers, CEO.

Theum is the industry’s foremost technology for delivering ready-to-use knowledge to humans, applications, systems, and machines. It has been used by both large and small companies around the world to create virtual experts for policies and procedures, human resources manuals, regulatory guidelines, marketing and sales information, manufacturing specifications, financial reporting guidelines, research findings, internal reports, user guides, and many other needs.