Newsletters, Circulars, and Bulletins

A complete rundown on any given theme extracted from past publications

Regularly distributed news and publications contain a wealth of information, but it’s hard to find that one bit of info you need that was mentioned 3 months ago when it’s buried in a pile of PDFs. The same growing collection of PDFs makes it especially difficult to identify trends as they develop across publications or get a big-picture view of what’s happening on a specific issue across the company and keep it up-to-date.

Theum uses your periodical publications to create an answer-oriented knowledge base that frees users from the limitations of PDF. Simply drop your publications, in PDF or any other format, into Theum. Theum’s powerful AI gives users fast, ready-to-use summary on any theme or issue, extracted from every newsletter, circular, and bulletin going back through the years.

User Benefits

  • Delivers instant, ready-to-use answers, freeing users from hunting through document hits
  • Eliminates document launching and PDF chaos
  • Delivers an instant overview on any topic without having to launch documents and manually collect information
  • Appears and functions consistently even on small devices

Business Benefits

  • Requires no changes to the existing document process or authoring tools
  • Self-updates as documents change
  • Eliminates human effort and decreases costs
  • Ensures all relevant knowledge is found

Application Areas

  • Monthly News and Events Newsletters
  • Internal Notifications
  • Monthly Analysis such as Industry Analysis, Research Findings, Sales Summaries, Business Progress, etc.
  • Security Reports