Project Documentation

The correct mix of knowledge to support custom products and services

Delivering products and services requires workers to be equipped with knowledge about customer and internal specifications, contractual parameters and limitations, and regulatory mandates at the same time. Users can find it especially frustrating when this knowledge is subject to frequent updates and is supplemented on a regular basis.

Theum uses your project documentation to create an answer-oriented knowledge base that gives users the knowledge they need on any aspect of their deliverable with a click, so they can get it right the first time. Simply point Theum at the location where you maintain the relevant documents. Theum’s powerful AI gives users fast access to the knowledge they need assembled on a single page—including examples, exceptions, special situations, and important parameters and constraints—without having to launch and search through documents.

User Benefits

  • Delivers instant, ready-to-use answers, freeing users from hunting through document hits
  • Eliminates document launching and PDF chaos
  • Ensures users get all relevant information from every contributed document, including pictures, examples, exceptions, and special conditions
  • Appears and functions consistently on every device from smartphone to PC

Business Benefits

  • Requires no changes to the existing document process or authoring tools
  • Self-updates as documents are modified or added
  • Improves process speed, accuracy, and quality

Application Areas

  • Internal Product and Service Specifications and Procedures
  • Customer Specifications
  • Contractually-Agreed Parameters
  • Regulatory Mandates, Specifications, and Guidelines
  • Safety Guidelines