Knowledge in SharePoint Online, Teams, and DMS

Knowledge in SharePoint Online, Teams, and DMS

The volume and redundancy of knowledge stored in traditional document management systems and in systems like SharePoint can make it very difficult for untrained end-users to find and access what they need.

Theum uses the documents in SharePoint, Teams, and other systems to create answer-oriented knowledge bases that give users direct access to the knowledge in every document without having to worry about which document and where. Simply point Theum at your existing document storage system. Theum’s powerful AI gives users fast, 1-click access to a complete answer for any need—assembled from every relevant document, organized by context onto on a single page, and ready to use on any device.

User Benefits

  • Delivers instant, ready-to-use answers, freeing users from hunting through document hits that all look the same
  • Eliminates document launching and the need to log into document storage systems or understand how they work
  • Ensures users get all relevant information on any subject, including pictures, examples, exceptions, and special conditions
  • Appears and functions consistently on every device from smartphone to PC

Business Benefits

  • Requires no changes to the existing document process or authoring tools
  • Self-updates as documents change
  • Eliminates human effort and decreases costs
  • Enables knowledge to be pulled from multiple collaborative and DMS systems at the same time

Application Areas

  • Enterprise knowledge accessibility
  • Search and discovery
  • Knowledge digitalization
  • Knowledge mobility