The revolutionary new way to share and access business knowledge

End the search for documents.

In most businesses, sharing knowledge still consists of overwhelming users with direct access to oceans of documents. After a search engine has narrowed a query to hundreds or even thousands of hits, users are left with the frustrating task of launching and sifting through documents to piece together the knowledge they need. The process is chaotic, time-consuming, error-prone, and expensive.

Theum is next-generation, AI-enhanced technology that transforms document-based knowledge into user-friendly portals that enable instant access to ready-to-use, task-specific knowledge—without all of the frustration.

Traditional Search

Knowledge Access with Theum


Attractive, feature-rich knowledge portals
  • Pure web experience free from document launching
  • Knowledge optimized for use on any device
  • No training required
Answer-oriented Query
  • Exactly the knowledge needed for any task
  • Dynamically composed answers created from all relevant passages in all documents
  • No more document hit lists
Enterprise scalability
  • Connectors for most document sources
  • Uncomplicated for users and IT
  • Requires no change to processes and systems
  • “Deep dive” knowledge navigator helps users drill down into documents to find knowledge fast
  • Context-sensitive guidance helps users with high-level queries get to the exact knowledge they need
  • Customizable toolbar integrates the functions and links users need directly into knowledge
  • Incorrect knowledge reports enable an improved knowledge feedback process
  • Automated change synchronization

Accelerate processes. Improve quality and compliance.

  • Financial reporting guidelines
  • Manufacturing procedures and work instructions
  • QA procedures and norms
  • Corporate policies and procedures
  • Risk reports
  • ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management
  • Policies and procedures
  • Safety regulations
  • Training manuals
  • User guides
  • Product documentation
  • Product-integrated help systems
  • Troubleshooting guides
  • Service procedures
  • Marketing plans and guidelines
  • Sales policies and procedures
  • Marketing and sales materials
  • Partner management information
  • Competitive intelligence
  • Event material compilations
  • Contracts
  • Litigation documents
  • Case files
  • Communication documents
  • Reference materials

Theum's Open Source Advantage

Theum knowledge bases are standard, open-source HTML5 applications you can extend any way you'd like.

Customize with CSS
Control the way the knowledge base and the knowledge in it looks using standard CSS know-how. Or use Theum's standard appearance, add your logo, tweak a few colors, and be happy!
Enhance with JavaScript
Add custom functions that access archives, open news, and handle other tasks within books using standard JavaScript techniques.
Deploy on any web server
Deploy Theum knowledge bases on any IIS, Apache, or other modern web server. Use the server management and reporting tools you like and make the most of your single-sign-on environment.