Search engines find 1000 documents.
Theum delivers the answer.

Forget searching around in documents.

Theum is next-generation, AI-driven knowledge technology that creates intelligent, answer-oriented virtual experts from the content of everyday business documents (Office, PDF, Wiki, Web, etc). Instead of wasting time searching for, launching, and scrolling through documents to find knowledge, users get exactly what they need for the task at hand with a click—assembled from every relevant document, organized by context onto a single page, and ready to use on any device and in any application.

Traditional Search

Intelligent Search

Answers with Theum

Beyond Intelligent Search

Theum is more than just another silo of intelligent search functions you'll need to replace in a few years after your knowledge has doubled again. It was designed to super-charge the way your business accesses knowledge, make the knowledge process scalable, and reduce cost and complexity at the same time.
Complete, ready-to-use answers
Give users the knowledge they need with a click—assembled from every relevant document, presented on a single page, organized by context, and ready-to-use. No more searching for, launching, scrolling around, and sifting through documents and PDFs.
Document-free digital books
Eliminate the chaos, cost, and effort associated with publishing documents and PDFs by delivering contributed knowledge in the form of HTML5 digital books that work like mini-websites and ensure a consistent, efficient user experience on every device.
Cognitive search and machine learning
Maximize the potential of AI, cognitive search, and machine learning technologies by using them to increase the long-term value and power of your knowledge—rather than to simply do a better job of finding documents.
Virtual topics
Respond quickly to ad-hoc needs for FAQs, subject-area advisors and problem solvers, specialized SOPs, and on-boarding processes without having to author new documents by combining self-updating knowledge topics and atoms already in Theum to form new virtual topics.
Knowledge re-usability
Select and use self-updating knowledge books, topics, and atoms in systems, websites, and new documents to eliminate ongoing manual update processes and ensure workers always see the latest.
Extraordinary ease of use
Make knowledge accessible anywhere without introducing new IT platforms or processes, authoring procedures, or end-user training. There's no need to run a project, dedicate specialized resources, perform expensive analyses, or hire external experts to get things going. Just point Theum at your documents and you're ready for business.
Comprehensive connectivity
Blend knowledge source from any file system, document management system, wiki, or external website into a single uniform environment that finds answers from the whole without forcing users to visit other systems.

Theum connectors

Infinite scalability
Tackle an exploding knowledge landscape using an intuitive divide-and-conquer approach. Create and share virtual experts for critical business knowledge, project documents, customer service, and many other needs around the globe—and let them work together as a whole without having to call IT.

Accelerate processes. Improve customer engagement.

  • Financial reporting guidelines
  • Manufacturing procedures and work instructions
  • QA procedures and norms
  • Corporate policies and procedures
  • Risk reports
  • ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management
  • Policies and procedures
  • Safety regulations
  • Training manuals
  • User guides
  • Product documentation
  • Product-integrated help systems
  • Troubleshooting guides
  • Service procedures
  • Marketing plans and guidelines
  • Sales policies and procedures
  • Marketing and sales materials
  • Partner management information
  • Competitive intelligence
  • Event material compilations
  • Contracts
  • Litigation documents
  • Case files
  • Communication documents
  • Reference materials

Theum's Open Source Advantage

Theum virtual experts are standard open-source HTML5 applications you can extend any way you'd like.

Customize with CSS
Control the way knowledge looks using standard CSS know-how. Or use Theum's standard appearance, add your logo, tweak a few colors, and be happy!
Enhance with JavaScript
Add custom functions that access archives, open news, and handle other tasks within books using standard JavaScript techniques.
Deploy on any web server
Deploy Theum virtual experts on any IIS, Apache, or other modern web server without having to install third-party software. Use the server management and reporting tools you like and make the most of your single-sign-on environment.