Ready-to-use answers from your ocean of documents

Imagine how much better your business would perform if workers could enter a query, click, and instantly get the knowledge they need for the task at hand on a single page—in context and ready to use, without having to search for documents.

Theum is next-generation cognitive technology that makes it happen.

Go digital in an instant
Everything the business knows, available on every device with a few clicks—without a project or complexity. Think of it as digital transformation in a box.
Accelerate every business process
Imagine the competitive advantage of enabling workers with instant access to the knowledge they need for the task at hand—so they can get right to work.
Boost business agility
Eliminate the sluggishness caused by a complex landscape of expensive technologies designed to compensate for the inability of documents to effectively deliver knowledge. Position for the future with a single point of atomic knowledge access for users and systems.

For everything your business knows

  • Financial reporting guidelines
  • Manufacturing procedures and work instructions
  • QA procedures and work instructions
  • Corporate policies and procedures
  • Risk reports
  • ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management
  • Policies and procedures
  • Safety regulations
  • Training manuals
  • User guides
  • Product documentation
  • Product-integrated help systems
  • Troubleshooting guides
  • Service procedures
  • Marketing plans and guidelines
  • Sales materials, policies, and procedures
  • Product and service marketing and sales materials
  • Partner management information
  • Vendor management information Newsletters
  • Event material compilations
  • Contracts
  • Litigation documents
  • Case files
  • Communication documents
  • Reference materials

What customers say

Christian Golisch, Controlling and Finance, Accounting, Reporting and Controlling Siemens AG
Theum has given us a solid, effective basis for ensuring worldwide compliance with corporate accounting regulations. Knowledge from Controlling and Finance, Legal, and other business units has already been deployed or is in planning. The feedback from the business units has been consistently positive.
Before Theum, the comparitively few staff members responsible for managing our information publishing process often found the task of making everything available as consistently organized PDFs to be a significant challenge. Our student body faced the even more difficult hurdle of finding what they needed in this huge library of PDF files and making sense of it on their smartphones. Theum helped both camps: it made the editorial process easy and enabled our students to find the knowledge they need quickly and intuitively.
Ulrich Kampffmeyer, Managing Director PROJECT CONSULT
Making our research and analysis reports available and searchable for customers online on all devices has been a long-term goal for some time. Theum has enabled us to do it on our own, without constant technical assistance. Even better, we are now able to provide customers with the kind of high-end experience that usually requires deep pockets and an IT staff.
Henning Rethage, Head of Group Accounting and Policies Bertelsmann SE & Co. KGaA
Theum's highly user-friendly digital delivery combined with the great flexibility it offers convinced us from the start.

Make the knowledge era your era.

Install and configure Theum in just a few hours. Drop in source files and deliver findable, usable knowledge the same day.

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